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They stayed in the town they had found, and rested. It took them almost a week to complete fixing up the town though I could hardly call it fixing. As they were trying to figure out where to get food from, and what animals would possibly be good for consumption, a traveler came into their town. 
"Hello? Is anyone here?"
The Three immediately drew their weapons, and pointed them at the newcomer. He looked up, and said "Whoa! Don't kill me! I didn't mean any harm!" 
Fang grinned, and said "Give me one good reason why."
"Uh...would you like some food?"
"Yeah, that's a good reason."
"No, it's not. We have the magical device that gives us food! We don't need yours!"
"Tell us why you're here."
"Fine, Aloysia you must travel to the past!"
"Who, what, where, when, why...who is Aloysia?"
"You don't know your real name?"
"Whose real name?"
"This is Fang. Who is this Aloysia?"
"Travel to the past, and all will be revealed."
"We can't do that."
"Use yo
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The Three traveled along in the desert. It was scorching hot out, and the sand was blowing about, and getting in every orifice of theirs. Soon they had to stop to clean the sand out of their eyes, which was a bad idea considering it was also on their hands, and clothing. Fang pulled out her water skin, and went to use some on her eyes, but it was bone dry. "Shira, Jyäntti do you guys happen to have water, I'm out." They both opened their water skins, and both had the same answer. "Nope."
" we have any food?"
"It's probably sandy...but probably." 
"Well we could always eat."
"No we can't," Jyäntti said as he looked in the bags. "we're out of food too."
"Great, we're going to die!"
"Fang, calm down."
"Do not tell me to calm down! We're in the middle of a desert. No food. No water. We're good as dead!"
As Fang mentioned this, food and water appeared in front of them. Fang raised an eyebrow, "What the..." She did not get to finish h
:iconalfangmindsculptor42:AlFangMindSculptor42 1 2
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Shira backed away slowly and said "Now let's think rationally! Let's not do anything not peaceful!" 
Jyäntti sneered, "I'm tired of hearing your shit, ugly!"
Fang grinned evilly, "I've always wanted to kill someone."
Jyäntti looked over, "What..."
Fang coughed, and said "Nothing, I just...sneezed."
Jyäntti eyed her, "Are you sure you're not...insane or something?"
"Well what did you think I was, sane? If you thought that, you don't know me!" 
"You're a stranger to me, how could I know you!?"
Shira, seeing the distraction, decided to flee.
Fang looked up, "He's getting away!"
Jyäntti said "Let him, at least he's gone."
"No murder for you, 12 year old!"
"For your information, Jyäntti, I'm 17."
"I didn't ask, and I don't care. Too young."
"Says who, the idiot in your little cute hooded outfit!? HAHA!"
"Speaking from a midget in a trench coat!"
"Oh, I hit a
:iconalfangmindsculptor42:AlFangMindSculptor42 1 2

There was a third, the final one. He was the calmest of the three, and the most silent. He wanted everyone to live in peace and harmony. He never really spoke to anyone, but if he did, many had to stop and turn to look upon him. He wasn't much to look upon, but his voice made up for it all. People would turn, and look upon his not so fine face...but they would die for his voice. All he had to do is say one word, and they'd do anything. 
They would serve him till they died. They ended up choosing him as their king of their country, and he did accept. One country ruled in peace, before he knew it, he could get the rest of the world. 
One day, one of his servants came up to him. 
"Lord Shira! I bring bad news!" 
"What is it, dear servant?"
"There is a beast, and it threatens harm to us! We must destroy it!"
"But we are about peace and harmony!"
"There will be no peace if we allow this beast to live!"
"Then I shall kill it myself!"
"My lord! Y
:iconalfangmindsculptor42:AlFangMindSculptor42 1 2

There was another, completely awesome, and totally cool. Unlike the others, he had no dream, and he had no soul. He started out in a magical realm of Tratnaived. He was the wannabe Lord Of Trolls. The true Lord Of Trolls said that Jyäntti was not ready for the trolling arts. To be a true troll, you had to go through many challenges. LOT decided, mostly to get Jyäntti out of his face, sent him on a meaningless quest to become a "troll". Jyäntti, being a most faithful "student" accepted, and set out on his journey.
He traveled far and wide, doing his "task" that his "master", as he came to call him, though he wasn't a master at all, told him to do. He was on his way to another place, when he saw a figure walking along a road. He snuck behind a bush, to see what they were up to. 
The person was in a dark black trench coat, the material looked of leather. The person's hair was cropped short, and the person looked to be
:iconalfangmindsculptor42:AlFangMindSculptor42 1 2
In the beginning there was one. One with a dream, a dream where all can enjoy musical goodness. She started all on her own. She met her foe, and dealt him in her ways. It was in a town called Tahcynit. It was there that she knew her purpose, knew exactly what she was to do with her life. It was here that she knew she wasn't sane. She knew that her ways of thinking were over sane. She was the Insane one. She became known for her ways, and people said she could bite you so hard, and not in filthy minded ways, you perves. In the ways that hurt, that are so utterly painful that you wish to die. It's like a snake's Fangs, sharp and piercing. From her "bite" they called her Fang. She combined her name with what she knew, her insanity, from there she was FangsInsanity. 
But she will end up meeting others who would join into a bigger group, a group with one purpose, but that will be revealed later. 
People would talk to her, like anyone else, and they came to find tha
:iconalfangmindsculptor42:AlFangMindSculptor42 4 6



Today is a day that will be remembered in dA legend. Today is the one year anniversary of the largest tragedy in deviantArt history, even worse than #Bronies. To day marks the day, 11/21/12, the day superdAmn died. We will always remember where we were when suddenly, the plethora of emotes, thumbs, and other scripts were unavailable for use to the entire deviantArt community. If it taught us one thing, The Crash has taught us to not take our superior rage emotes, our tehes, our emote blends, nor our personal emotes for granted. Everyone, let's have a moment of silence, not to mourn, but to celebrate our beloved emotes that we cherish with all of our :heart: :iconsaluteplz:


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